We offer ready-to-use programs, fully customized programs, and consulting for companies interested in supporting employee health and their bottom line.


Self-paced courses that employees can do on their own, or in groups.

Gamified Wellness

Increasing fun increases adherence, and that is exactly what these programs are built to do. Each program is ready to go, with customization options to make them work for a wide variety of budgets and situations.

Custom Packages

Don’t see what you’re looking for?  We will be happy to create a custom package designed to meet the specific needs and culture of your business.


If you’re looking for some support in creating a wellness culture that meets your needs, works within your existing culture, encourages employee health, complies with ADA, EEOC, and Obamacare regulations, and increases your bottom line then consulting may be just what you need.


Our tech team will be right there with you to make sure that your onboarding  process is smooth and your programs are implemented without a hitch.

Once you’re onboard, our certified fitness professionals and wellness coaches will be there to help your workforce be happier, healthier, and more productive.

Want to know more? E-mail us for more information.

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