Body Love Obstacle Course (e-course)

wpblocbanner2The Body Love Obstacle Course or BLOC is designed to help employees move above, over and around the obstacles that are keeping them from living their best, healthiest and most productive life.

The way your employees feel about their bodies affects every area of their lives–relationships, career, health and more.  The Body Love Obstacle Course (BLOC) is a 5-week, proven, step-by-step program that will give your employees the tools, coaching, and community they need to create a rock solid foundation of self-esteem and body love, and teach them the strategies and skills they’ll need to leverage that to create their best and healthiest life, no matter what obstacles the world puts in the way.

The BLOC is offered in two modes–live and self study.  We can customize the program to meet the needs of your office and your employees.

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