Exercise Across America (Gamified Wellness)

AcrossAmericaGet all your employees traveling in the same direction–towards better health with this fun team-building activity. Your employees will travel virtually across a geographic area that you choose – your state, the country, or even the world in four simple steps:

  1. Employees engage in whatever kind of movement they enjoy.
  2. Employees enter distance, steps, or time spent exercising into a simple online form throughout the week.
  3. Every Friday, the miles are added up and the entire company moves toward the goal, via an animated video showing the distance from the company’s location to the amassed miles.  And each week that video is posted to the company Facebook Page, Blog, Forum, or intranet.
  4. Special themed reward events and parties can be set up for when you reach the final goal, company HQ, the boss’s home town, or any milestone you choose.

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