Virtual Decathlon (Gamified Wellness)

Dance GroupEmployees choose 5, 10, or 20 events from a diverse list of activities appropriate for people of all fitness levels and dis/abilities.

Many activities are designed to engage the entire family so employees can participate without giving up valuable family time. Our tech team can manage the entire process and make it painless for you as well.

Employees submit a “Finish Picture” and receive a sharable “completion badge”  for each event.  They  may opt to share them on the social media of their choosing.  This allows employees to decide what to share and when.  Those employees who complete 5, 10, or 15 events are awarded with a finishers ribbon or trophy.

This program is customizable for number of employees, number of events, type of events, and duration of the challenge.

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  Sun  aquathlon  WheelofFortuneTeam  Hoop  CardioClean  hike  1ton.