The Wellness For All Bodies Program

A simple, step-by-step, super efficient guide to creating healthy relationships with food, movement, and your body.

Who it’s for:

This program can be done by individuals, or as a group of any size – whether it’s a group of friends, or a workplace wellness program.

“Frankly, the program was so great and comforting that I would like to start it all over again. ” ~LB

How it works:

You watch a short video each day (or on whatever schedule works for you.) Each video has a lesson and an action. Over the course of eighteen self-paced, content-packed, three minute videos you’ll get the tools you need to create healthy relationships with food, movement, and your body, and you’ll map out a path to health that makes sense for you, in an easily digestible format. Avanoo’s tools allow you to track your progress and keep notes individually or as a group.

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Individual: $25.00 

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Day 2

Day 2: If Not the Usual Goals, Then What?

Day 3

Day 3: Bodies, Friends and Enemies

Day 4

Day 4: Messy Breakups with Excercise






Health is a hot topic, and everyone claims to have the quick fix, the magic bullet that will give us lasting health.  Competing theories, myths, and misinformation about health are everywhere. Trying to sort through it all leaves many of us either stalled on our road to health or going in the wrong direction entirely.

When you look at the science, health isn’t about the next diet or exercise fad, and it’s not just a number on the scale. Health is not a destination, it’s a lifelong journey that’s not just about physical health, but also healthy relationships with our bodies, food, and movement.

Register now:  

Individual: $25.00 

Group:  Please contact for pricing and progress tracking options!

About This Program

This program was created by Certified Health Coach Ragen Chastain in partnership with leading workplace learning provider Avanoo.  It offers real options for health and happiness starting wherever you are right now.  We’ll look at your whole health journey based on what the research says. As you progress, you’ll learn about the building blocks of health, the ways that we self-sabotage and what we can do about it, and how we can repair the damage done by our pasts – from crash dieting to cruel gym teachers. Most important, you’ll learn practical options for fitting healthy habits into your life in ways that are fun and lasting. Health is a lifelong journey, so let’s create a journey we enjoy!


Day 1    New Views on Health
Day 2    If Not the Usual Goals, Then What?
Day 3    Bodies, Friends and Enemies
Day 4    Messy Breakups with Exercise
Day 5    Put Your Mask on First
Day 6    Health Math – It’s All About Addition
Day 7    Bumps on the Road to Health
Day 8    A Shift in Focus Can Make All the Difference
Day 9    The Secret to Future Success
Day 10  The Wide – and I Mean Really Wide – World of Sports
Day 11   Stressing and Obsessing about Food
Day 12   The Whole World of Health
Day 13   Stop in the Name of Love
Day 14   You Deserve a Break Today
Day 15   Making Mondays Magical
Day 16   The “All or Nothing” Trap
Day 17   I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends… or Not
Day 18   The Beginning from The End


Register now:  

Individual: $25.00 

Group:  Please contact for pricing and progress tracking options!

About the Author

Certified Health Coach, Motivational Speaker, Wellness Writer

Ragen Chastain is a speaker, writer, ACE Certified Health Coach, trained researcher, and internationally recognized thought leader in the fields of self-esteem, body image, Health at Every Size, and corporate wellness. She is a sought-after college, corporate, and conference speaker, and is frequently featured as an expert in print, radio, television and film and is a champion dancer, marathoner, co-founder of the Fit Fatties Forum, Certified Health Coach, and currently training for her first IRONMAN Triathlon. You can find her at

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Register now:  

Individual: $25.00 

Group:  Please contact for pricing and progress tracking options!