As Featured inWorkplace wellness has been in the spotlight recently as workers go public—criticizing workplace wellness programs for being poorly researched, poorly executed or implemented using unfair and even discriminatory practices.

Workplace Wellness for All is changing all that with wellness programs that are

  • Research-Based
  • Employee-Centered
  • Customizable
  • Appropriate for employees of all sizes, fitness levels, dis/abilities, and non-triggering for those at risk of developing Eating Disorders

We offer gamified wellness programs as well as self-paced e-courses that employees can complete individually or in groups. Both options work for both on-site and virtual employees.

We provide support for companies committed to implementing wellness programs based on serious research into what makes workers want to engage in wellness programs and what creates real world results like happier, healthier, and more engaged employees.

Clients come to us because:

  • They want their employees to fully engage in wellness activities rather than begrudgingly doing the absolute minimum.
  • They want their employees to see the wellness program as an added company benefit rather than an insulting or insensitive intrusion into their lives.
  • They want to improve bottom line statistics like cutting health care costs and improving employee productivity without building resentment among employees or opening themselves up to charges of discrimination, and
  • They want their employees to actually live happier and healthier lives.

Check out our offerings and feel free to contact us for more information.